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Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Dead Ringer

This is the old Market Hall bell. It was housed in the tower of the Market Hall. When the building was destroyed by fire in 2004, the bell crashed down to the ground through the burning floors of the tower.

As you can see from the large crack across the side of the bell, it is no longer in a state to be rung. It has been replaced by an electronic bell which sounds fairly convincing except the tone stops more abruptly than a real bell would - the sound of a real bell continues for quite a few seconds, getting quieter and quieter.

The old bell has been cleaned up and put on display inside the re-opened Market Hall. A plaque on the wall behind announces that it was unveiled on 26th January 2009 by Councillor Alan Whitehead.


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  2. It’s a shame that a real bell could not have been put in the market hall. It would have added a touch of authentic magic to the whole area. The electronic bell sounds exactly like what it is. A recording. The last peal of the bell dies in a totally unconvincing way. While I’m complaining, could the council also get the clocks on the market hall exterior working? And can I get a part in ‘Grumpy old Men’ please.

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  4. cumon Ian,it's nothing like Meg!!

  5. Quasi Semi - I absolutely refuse to allow you or anyone else to make inappropriate comments about people who appear in my photographs.

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