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Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Cash Converters

Back in March, I reported that the Hitchens shop on Stamford Street (formerly Ashton's branch of Littlewoods) had shut down.

Today, while walking down Stamford Street, I noticed that the building is back in use as a branch of Cash Converters, which is basically a pawnbroker's shop. I'm not sure how long Cash Converters have been in the store, but it is the first time I have noticed.

I seem to recall that they had previously occupied a shop higher up Stamford Street, once Ashton's original Woolworths and now the charity shop of the Wooden Canal Boat Society, as seen here.

It would seem to be a sign of the times that a catalogue surplus shop cannot survive in Ashton whereas a pawnbroker's shop can!

See LiveSearch Birds Eye View of this location.


  1. A pawnshop is a cash converter? Great photos.

  2. i have been in this store and it is a great place to shop, unlike the Cash Generators store up the road


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