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Saturday, 5 June 2010

Sunday Stroll: Chaddy Dams

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One of the most popular short strolls on the outskirts of Ashton is the picturesque walk around Chadwick's Dams, between Ashton and Stalybridge. Commonly known as "Chaddy Dams", these two reservoirs in the shallow valley of the Cock Brook were built to supply Chadwick's factory at Park Hall Mill.

The land containing these two reservoirs passed into the ownership of Ashton and Stalybridge Corporations in 1891. The lower reservoir became Stamford Park boating lake while the higher one (the one in today's photograph) was stocked as a fishing lake.

119 years later, the land remains in local council ownership. The boating lake still exists although it has suffered a drop in its popularity. The upper reservoir remains pretty much the same other than the valley sides have become wooded.

Beyond the trees can be seen the buildings of the appropriately called Lakes Hospital, now part of Tameside Hospital.

A photo of "Chaddy Dams" appeared on this blog two years ago.

See Google Aerial View of this location.

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