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Sunday, 29 August 2010

Air Ambulance Drama in Stalybridge

There was a spot of drama in Stalybridge on Saturday when the air ambulance was called in.

Rory Lees-Oakes was nearby and noticed police cars, ambulance and fire engine in Portland Place at the junction of Stamford Street and Corporation Street and saw the helicopter circling overhead.

"They were attending a woman wearing riding apparel, who was lying on the pavement," reports Rory. "No evidence of another vehicle being involved, which leads me to believe that she may have fallen off a horse.

"The airborne medic attended and after some deliberation with the ambulance crew returned to the helicopter without the injured woman who was transported by ambulance."

The helicopter had landed on waste ground at the end of Alma Street, behind Knowl Street. Although it was not needed for the patient, its presence was of great interest to people living in the area.

These photos are copyright of Rory Lees-Oakes, to whom many thanks for permission to show them here.

See Google Aerial View of the site where the helicopter landed. See Birds Eye View of this location.


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  2. The Air Ambulances are such a valuable service. It amazes me that it's charitable giving that keeps most of them in the air.

  3. Interesting piccies !
    But leaves me wondering why it was called in.
    Surely - road access and distance to the nearest useful hospital was no problem.

    Report back please sometime !

    Many thanks


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