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Saturday, 18 September 2010

Shadows: Bowling Green

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The spectators on the benches watching the game of bowls cast their shadows onto the ground behind them.

The bowling green is in Stamford Park, straddling the border between Ashton under Lyne and Stalybridge.

See Birds Eye View of this location.

"Bowling Green" is a contribution to Shadow Shot Sunday. Please click the link to Hey Harriet to see more Shadow Shot Sunday posts.


  1. Lovely peaceful scene. I can't imagine these spectators erupting into battle about the participants, can you? ;~)

    Alberta, Canada

  2. A pleasant pastime on a summer's day - and a lovely photo too.

  3. Such a neat, Old World look this ShadowShot has. I've never seen bowling done on the lawn, though I guess that is where it all began!

  4. And they say that bowls is an old man's game. Well of course it is! Only we oldsters have the patience and skill to play such a game!

  5. That's cool! Lawn Bowls is a very popular game here in Australia. Thanks so much for joining in Shadow Shot Sunday :)


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