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Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Old Man

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"0" is for "Old Man" and today's photo shows the grave stone of a former resident of Ashton under Lyne who would have been considered very old in his time!

The stone, in the church yard of Ashton Parish Church, was carved with the words:
"Here Resteth the Body of John Leech of Hurst Buried the 16 day of October 1689 aged 92 years whereby Anne his wide has issue 12 Children and in his Lifetime was Father to 12 Grandfather to 75 Great Grandfather to 92 Great Great Grandfather to 2 in all 181 Persons"

The grave stone has been moved at some stage from its original location to this upright position near the churchyard entrance and someone has added the word "Near" above the words "Here Resteth..."

These days attaining the age of 92 does not seem to be such a remarkable achievement but it certainly was back in the 17th century, when he lived through the period of the Great Plague. Even at the time of his death the average life expectancy in England was only around 39! There must have been something in the ale in Hurst!

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See Birds Eye View of this location.

"Old Man" is a contribution to ABC Wednesday. For more "O" posts from around the world please follow this link.
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  1. Absolutely! 92 is a good age even now, but it must have seemed ancient in the 17th century. I'm glad the stone has been given a prominent place near the churchyard.
    Good for the old man, and a good post for O day.

    Kay, Alberta

  2. Ancient grave stones. It's wonderful yet making me creepy right now LoL

    Hop here from ABCW and follow you
    Happy Tuesday

  3. reminds me of a line from a Neil Young song: "Old Man, take a look at yourself. i'm a lot like you."

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  4. I like the addition of "Near". I hope the original grave is still marked as well.

  5. That is one large family, especially when you condider that he probably had siblings himself. I wonder how many descendants of his are still around today.

  6. It makes you wonder what his life would have been like, did he ever leave Ashton/Hurst or spend his whole life in what would have been more of a village then.
    I was also interested in the stone next to it. Was the space left for more names, I wonder?
    Great photograph.

  7. Imagine if you were a descendant of John Leech. You'd be sure of good genes!! It would be great to find such a gravestone for an ancestor too.


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