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Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Dukinfield Old Chapel

"D" is for "Dukinfield Old Chapel" and today's photo shows this magnificent building situated at the top of Crescent Road in Dukinfield, less than a mile from Ashton under Lyne Parish Church.

Constructed in 1840 as a re-building of Dukinfield's older Unitarian chapel, the building is strikingly tall for its footprint. Built at the highest point in the central part of Dukinfield the chapel made a landmark clearly visible on the skyline from Ashton and is in a far more prominent position than the nearby St John's Church of England church. This reflects the competition and politics that went on between the established and non-conformist denominations at that time.

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See Birds Eye View of this location. See Google Street View of this location.

"Dukinfield Old Chapel" is a contribution to ABC Wednesday. For more "D" posts from around the world please follow this link.
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  1. Never actually thought about the competition and politics of the size and positioning of different churches. Fascinating.

  2. I never thought about church building as competition and politics either. Very interesting.

  3. A good example of church competition was in Ashton, where the Albion Congregational Church was deliberately built just along the street from the Church of England Parish Church, and with a spire 2 feet higher than the tower of the Parish Church!

  4. lovely old church
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  5. beautiful church with the name starting with D.

  6. What a beautiful Church ~~ but that bright orange sign has got to go!!!

  7. wonderful! Check out my ABC Wednesday entry too. Thanks! have followed your blog.

  8. is this chapel the same as Bethesda Chapel in Dukinfield or were they separate?


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