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Monday, 13 February 2012

Half Term Fair

Today's view of the world of Ashton under Lyne shows some of the fairground rides that have set up outside the Market Hall in Market Street during the school half term holiday week.

A damp and cold morning wasn't the most promising start to the day for the showmen, but there were still a number of youngsters who had splashed through the puddles to enjoy the thrills of the fair, ranging from small children to teenagers. The fairground attractions include a "Showtime" crazy house, a "Sizzler" rib-busting ride and a more gentle cup and saucer ride. No doubt the teenagers will turn out in greater numbers in the evening.

See Google Street View of this location.

(Click photo for larger version. Press Back button to return here.)

"Half Term Fair" is my contribution to this week's "My World" feature. Please check out the other blogs participating in this week's My World.


  1. I thought the UK was under oodles of snow and ice. Did the BBC get it wrong or do you live in a secret island banana belt.

    great photo.

  2. We had the snow in this part of the UK two weeks ago, Garry, and ice last week. Today's rain has washed away most of what was left of it!

  3. What you've got to remember is that the BBC viewpoint is centred on the South-East of England, and particularly London. Therefore, if that part of the country has an inch or two of snow we are told that 'the whole country is blanketed in snow'. Conversely, a foot or so of snow in Northern England or Scotland will barely rate a mention on BBC news bulletins if London has escaped any snowfall.

  4. Ah yes the supposed snowmageddon - was in Ashton yesterday and noticed the fairground rides, espcially the one above outside the market on Bow Street. Didn't realise it was half term.

  5. Never had a half yearly fair when we lived in Ashton......Still I suppose it will get the children away from the computer screens and indoor games for a while? Great idea athough!

  6. The fairs used to be on the old railway yard at the corner of Oldham Road and Wellington Road rather than around the market, Dannyx5.


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