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Monday, 12 March 2012


Today's view of the world of Ashton under Lyne shows the new Metrolink tramway being constructed on the approach into the town.

Last week's photo showed the construction of the tram terminus in Ashton. Here we see the lines being laid alongside Lord Sheldon Way as it passes Sainsburys. The roadway here was deliberately built with a wide central reservation to accommodate the tram lines.

The site currently looks a mess but when the work is finished a strip of grass will be reinstated alongside.

See Google Street View of this location.

(Click photo for larger version. Press Back button to return here.)

"Tram Terminus" is my contribution to this week's "My World" feature. Please check out the other blogs participating in this week's My World.


  1. My city has been going through the construction of train tracks much like this. A real mess, but so wonderful when it's all done!

  2. Train tracks always make me want to go somewhere, and it's a good thing, because we are going away in 10 days. Thanks for the reminder!

  3. I know you will be happy when all of this is completed. You photographed it beautifully. Nice job. genie

  4. It's always awful when such big works are going on on main streets ! I hope it will be useful at least and help commuters.


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