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Monday, 13 May 2013

Approach to Ashton

This is the view that many people see as they arrive in Ashton. It is the view across Chester Square from Manchester Road and is the way that most people approach the town from Manchester and from the M60 Motorway.

Chester Square has never really been a square. It originally had buildings on two sides of a wide area that formed the junction of Manchester Road and Stockport Road. The buildings on the south side have gone to make way for road widening and the square is now a huge traffic-signal-controlled junction, overlooked by the two buildings that stand on the north side.

The building to the left of centre is the old swimming baths and to the right of that can be seen Cavendish Mill with its chimney.

See Google Street View of this location.

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"Approach to Ashton" is my contribution to this week's "My World" feature. Please check out the other blogs participating in this week's My World.


  1. I feel that I know your area well from your blog. Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  2. Have never been to Ashton Under Lyne, being a Devon girl, but that's no excuse. Looking forward to seeing more photos and learning more about it. Although I live a very long way away now in Western Australia.

    1. Hello Jahanna

      An excellent book about Ashton is available on Amazon:

      The Spirit of Ashton under Lyne
      by Joyce Raven
      buy from Amazon £9.99

    2. Yes, there is a link to this book on Amazon in the left hand column of this page.

  3. More minutiae,
    It was at that spot on the left that I was hit by a pea from a pea shooter in the very early 1960's, on the corner of Richmond Street. Sadly At that time I took it personally and have been severely traumatised ever since.


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