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Wednesday, 5 June 2013


Today's post for ABC Wednesday is U for "Unicorns", so just where in Ashton might a couple of these mythical creatures be seen?

The answer is on this colourful coat of arms below the clock tower of Ashton's Market Hall.

I'm afraid I could not find out what this particular coat of arms is and what it is doing there. Nor could I find out why unicorns are featured. If anyone knows, please let me know through the comments.

It was not the coat of arms for Ashton - that was different and the shield from Ashton's coat of arms is carved in stone at the bottom of the photo.

Sorry that this post is not terribly informative but perhaps you will enjoy the mystery!

(Click photo for larger version. Press Back button to return here.)

"Unicorns" is a contribution to ABC Wednesday. For more "U" posts from around the world please follow this link.


  1. Love the unicorns. My daughter's also a fan...

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  2. Unicorns are always cool!!

  3. Oh, I knew someone would find unicorns!
    Great capture!
    Lea's menagerie

  4. My daughters loved playing with toy unicorns when they were little.

    abcw team

  5. Great minds think alike. My post was also on unicorns.
    An Arkies Musings

  6. It might be something to do with the Stamfords - 'A Ma Puissance' - 'According to My Power' is the motto of the Earls of Stamford. Some of their coats of Arms contain unicorns although not like the one on the market http://www.rubylane.com/item/559027-0001498/Joseph-Edmondson-Folio-Heraldry-Engraving.


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