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Tuesday, 12 April 2011


"M" is for "Motrway" and today's photo shows the M60 motorway as it sweeps through the Guide Bridge area on the western edge of Ashton.

In the background to the left of the photo is the blue roof of Assheton House, near the bus station. To the right of that are Portland House, Welbeck House and Margaret House.

The tower of St Peter's Church is just visible hiding behind the chimney and tower of "Tudno" Mill (Ryecroft Mill No. 3). The top of the tower of the Old Baths can just be seen behind the new houses that stand on the site of the Birch Hotel. To the right are Grosvenor House and Rycroft House, off Stckport Road.

In the far distance looms Alphin Pike and the high Pennine moorland to the east of Mossley and Stalybridge.

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See Google Street View of this location.

"Motorway" is a contribution to ABC Wednesday. For more "M" posts from around the world please follow this link.
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  1. We normally avoid motorways - especially if we are on the motorbike, but last week we had to travel over to Penrith and we used the M6. I must say how beautiful I found the scenery. I should have been watching the colourful policeman on the bridge with a camera!!!!!! Watching the post everyday now!

    Thanks so much for contributing.
    ABC Team

  2. This is no place to Meander! Nice M post.

  3. Yes, I like the backroasds myself, but the Interstate IS faster.
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  4. There's remarkably little traffic on the motorway. Must be quite a pleasure to travel on it:-)

  5. Once upon a time my mum worked at the Tudno factory

  6. Looking fine! I'd have a hard time driving on that side, but... :) Good post and terrific photo!

  7. You obviously enjoy living where you do!

  8. Cool. you took the picture from above.


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