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Sunday, 11 January 2009

Sunday Stroll: Daisy Nook Locks

Probably the most popular place for walking locally is Daisy Nook Country Park, on the boundary between Ashton and Failsworth. The towpath of the disused Hollinwood Branch Canal makes for an easy level walk, while the more adventurous can take the steeper paths through the woodland.

There were four locks here at Waterhouses Locks, which have now been infilled. The two in the photo formed a staircase of two locks joined together.

There are plenty of other easy canal walks near Ashton, such as along the Peak Forest Canal or the Huddersfield Canal.

See Google Aerial View of this location.
See LiveSearch Birds Eye View of this location.


  1. Canals are underrated. Can be such peaceful places and a haven for wildlife. Lovely subtle reflection.

  2. I only live 5 minutes away from Daisy Nook and I absolutely love going there. No matter what the season, rain or shine, there is always something different which catches my eye here. A great place to visit.

  3. hi its good to see they are opening the canals again , is the canal at the rear of the visiting centre open yet ? the one thay used as a bridal path

  4. Not yet, Greeny - it could be quite a few years yet, but the Hollinwood Canal Society has been busy carrying out work near the locks and along the Fairbottom Branch. They will be there again this weekend, along with the Waterway Recovery Group.

  5. Hi,
    I've not been to Daisy Nook for a while now, but I used to go regulary. The photo looks so peaceful, I might just try it out early Sunday morning!
    Thanks for reminding me how beautiful our surroundings are!

  6. I spent many happy hours along this Canal in my youth! Fishing for 'tiddlers' and this was our route back from Daisy Nook's Easter Fair via Riversvale Drive to Oldham Road.

  7. hi thanks for that martin .so one day it will be restored to its former glory , do the goverment or local goverment fund these project ? or is it done by voluntery and private funding? ,it must be a mamouth task to restore the hollinwood canal to its former glory ,it will be a great tourist attraction when its finished, i also see daisynook as won an award for being dog walker friendly

  8. I used to drive through here to the girl i loved in Failsworth in 1982.

  9. I used to drive through here in 1982 to the girl I loved. She lived in Failsworth.


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