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Sunday, 18 January 2009

Sunday Stroll: The "Roman" Road

A rewarding walk for those who do not mind a few small hills is along the ancient road that runs around the hillside below the moors between Carrbrook and Greenfield.

This road is sometimes called the Roman Road and indeed the Romans did use it as their route between the forts at Melandra (near Glossop) and Castleshaw (near Delph). However, the road is anything but straight, as the Romans did not build it, but made use of a road that was already in existence.

Ancient tracks such as this usually kept to high ground to avoid the boggy valley floors. This was the main route up the valley until the construction of the turnpike roads - Huddersfield Road in 1783 and Manchester Road in 1826.

The photo shows the road on the hillside above Micklehurst. The hill ahead is part of Noonsun Hill, but the road swings to the left to avoid climbing too high. The remains of the ancient Buckton Castle are on the hilltop, out of view to the right.

The road gives splendid views across Mossley and Saddleworth. The walk can be done by bus from Ashton, catching the 348 to Carrbrook and returning from Greenfield on the 350.
See Google Aerial View of this location.


  1. Wild is the word that comes to mind. No "Roman" Roads here, they didn't venture this way. Saddleworth. Now I have my bearing.

  2. What a wonderful photo. It looks so atmospheric.


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