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Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Butty Shop

Just a little uphill from the railway bridge over Turner Lane is this butty shop, or should I call it "sandwich bar"?

I can't remember what the shop was used for previously but this is a good location for a butty shop, with quite a few industrial premises across the road on Boodle Street, Winton Street, Turner Street, etc. It is also on a popular pedestrian route from the Smallshaw and Lords Field areas into Ashton.

Some people have commented on the lack of rain in the photographs of Ashton. Please note that, in spite of the clear blue sky, the ground is still slightly wet from a passing shower!

See Google Aerial View of this location.
The LiveSearch Birds Eye View of this location was taken when Turner Lane was being dug up for major sewer repairs!


  1. I'm trying to place this, Martin. Is it on the right as you come up Turner Lane from Ashton? Union Street would be round the corner. If so, in the 1950s there was a newsagent's shop there!

  2. I remember when this shop opened - must be more than 20 years ago - the guy who ran it then and I used to both belong to an Amstrad computer club that met at the Ellen Wilkinson School near Hyde Road Bus Depot. It may well have changed hands since then. Can't remember what the shop was called then.

  3. hi over the years that butty shop as been all sorts i remember it as a ladies hairdressers ,and hardwear store ,fishing tackle shop , several butty shops

  4. Sausage n beans on toast please, thanks

  5. Don Thewlis had a Fishing Tackle Shop here for years.

  6. The shop was a fruit and veg place in the late 40's,owned by Geoff Saxon of Stalybridge.
    I used to help on his mobile shop on Saturday(around Dukinfield/Ashton)Sunday(Oldham)Went to Smithfield Market a few times very early in the morning.The shop was used as a bit of a storage place for the bulk produce.
    Next door towards the bridge the house was used as a Painters and Decorators business,someone called Betty lived there who worked in the Veg. shop.


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