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Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Market Street Clock

The clock in Market Street, alongside the Market Hall, can now be relied on once more to give you the time of day.

During the four years that the Market Hall was being re-built, this clock was in an area that was enclosed by fencing and was surrounded by cabins and builders' equipment. When the fences were removed and the street returned to the people of Ashton, the clock showed a different time on each face! It is only comparatively recently that the clock has been put to rights!

Behind the vans making deliveries to the Market Hall, there is a glimpse of St James Church, looking directly up Cowhill Lane.

See LiveSearch Birds Eye View of this location which, at the time this post was published, shows the clock surrounded by builders' cabins.


  1. Looks like a nice place to spend some "time."

  2. Yes, I did notice that the clock now shows the correct times. They just need to get the clock on the side of the market hall to also show the correct time and all will be well.
    Does that lady always have her dinner sat there I wonder, as she was there when I walked passed.

  3. Interesting picture! Why not stop and say hello to the lovely lady sat down for lunch.
    Similar weather to here today

  4. Where's the traffic gone? How am I going to get from Henrietta Street to George Street now?

    "There's life there Jim, but not as we know it"


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