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Saturday, 10 October 2009

Saturday in Saddleworth - Saddleworth Church

We take a trip back to Saddleworth today, as we haven't been for a few weeks. Today's photo is another look at Saddleworth Church, high on the hillside above Uppermill. In front of the church is the appropriately-named Church Inn.

The church was there long before the village of Uppermill was, and was built to serve the widespread parish of small weaving hamlets that were dotted around the area. The church was built right alongside the ancient pre-Roman trackway that skirted the sides of the Tame Valley and led up over Standedge.

The turnpike road, canal and railway were all built along the valley bottom, and Uppermill grew up around them, leaving the church in the same rural setiing that it has been in for centuries.

See Google Aerial View of this location.


  1. A very English view it is. Looks like a camper and a boat on the parking lot at the Inn.

  2. Heavenly photo of the church and church Inn. I'd love to see INSIDE the church and inside the church inn (hint, hint)

  3. Back in the 1960's, Father and Mother used to take me and little brother to the Church Inn. We'd be left outside with an orange juice and a packet of crisps for hours. Sometimes we'd get a second orange juice if they remembered we were still out there... Happy days...

  4. My grandad used to take me and my brother to the Church in. We used to play in an old fiat car that was in the field. Was only in the early 80s though lol. Went for a meal a few years ago too was nice still


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