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Tuesday, 2 March 2010


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"G" is for "Goose" and this one is strutting its stuff at Daisy Nook Country Park, between Ashton and Oldham.

There are a number of the proper white geese at Daisy Nook, but this one appears to have a touch of Canada Goose in its feathers! Canada geese are no longer a rarity in this country and are becoming something of a pest. In many places they have ousted the traditional white geese.

There are also swans and mallards on the canal at Daisy Nook, adding interest to a pleasant spot for a relaxing stroll!

Today's location is the same one seen here last month, but looking in the opposite direction!

See Birds Eye View of this location.

"Goose" is a contribution to ABC Wednesday. For more "G" posts from around the world please follow this link.


  1. He does look a bit "mixed" up, doesn't he! I love your photo and his attitude! What a great pair for the day! Have a great week!


  2. Great goose! They can be pesty, for sure!

  3. Has this goose beeen stood up?

  4. If geese like the damp as much as ducks do this one must be delirious in the mud!

  5. Definately a strange one! Our goose,(well gander) is still in bed! It is frosty this morning and he doesn't like the cold! Will give him half an hour I think! Bless! Shame I didn't get a sleep in! lol!

    Thanks so much for contributing to the fun!
    Denise (ABC Team)

  6. Hello, we have the same G today :-))) Your photo is great. I have never seen a goose this colour.

  7. Interesting hint on BBC this week about photographing animals - try to get the camera down to their level.
    You seem to have succeeded here - nice one.

  8. Look like they are enjoying that spring is almost here. Happy Wednesday!

    G is for Gold

  9. YAY! I love geese ... they have so much character.

  10. he looks like a goosey loosey

  11. He just goes his own way; an individualist.


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