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Monday, 8 March 2010

Stamford Street

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Stamford Street was once the heart of Ashton under Lyne's shopping centre. The street was lined with Victorian buildings housing quality traditional shops, with a handful of larger multiple stores, like Woolworths, in among them.

As in most towns, shopping fashions in Ashton have changed. Out-of-town superstores take many shoppers away from the town centre altogether and modern shopping centres have been built to the north of Stamford Street. Yet the street battles on and has made something of a comeback, with most shops in the central part of the street being in use, although some are now charity shops, pawnbrokers, fast food shops, etc. And there are still a number of more traditional shops surviving on their reputations.

"Stamford Street" is my contribution to this week's "My World" feature. Please check out the other blogs participating in this week's My World.

See Birds Eye View of this location.


  1. It always saddens me to see the 'old' being left behind because the 'new' is elsewhere. Thanks for your photo. It's very nostalgic.

  2. It's sad to see places like this being replaced by "super" stores, I'm glad this one is surviving! Great shot! Hope you have a great week!


  3. That's a very appealing street to me. I much prefer older stores in old buildings. I am always happy when downtown shopping areas are revitalized and old buildings restored.

  4. This street with the old buildings looks lovely. Great shot!

  5. Burton,s on the right littlewoods on the left white building.those were the day,s


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