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Saturday, 8 May 2010

Monochrome Moment: Egret Mill

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Egret Mill was built on the corner of Old Street and Bentinck Street in Ashton. It was opened in 1823 as Lees Mill, a five-storey spinning mill. It was later bought by the Egret Mill Company, who added weaving sheds to the site.

In 1881 the original spinning mill was destroyed by fire and the weaving sheds were then extended over the site. However, the mill ceased cotton cloth manufacturing in 1887.

The area is being re-developed as part of the St Petersfield scheme and now all that remains of the mill is a small two-bay portion of weaving shed and this building facing onto Old Street, which probably accommodated the mill offices.

See Google Street View of this location.

See Birds Eye View of this location.

"Egret Mill" is a contribution to Monochrome Weekend. Please follow the link to visit other sites taking part.


  1. Great mono photo of a historical building...

  2. Would,nt have recognize it,if you had,nt said what it was.well done Ashton planning department.

  3. What a transformation of that stretch of Old St to this peaceful haven! Looks completely different and love the mono photo. Egret Mill was a large video lending library for some years.

  4. Yes, it was home to Jubilee Films and had a really good selection of videos long before Blockbusters arrived, or today's DVD online/postal rental. Jubilee moved along Old Street to opposite the Library and is still there, but never looks open when I pass it.
    See Google Street View.

  5. And, yes - it is a real transformation. This part of Old Street had been looking really run down. Don't forget that it was used as the filming location for the 'red light' district in the television series Band of Gold!

  6. I'm glad that building was kept. It's a fine example of the architecture of the period.

  7. That's right, Martin, Jubilee Films, went there a lot. Band of Gold was a brilliant series, also filmed near the old Baths.

  8. One of my ancestors was a servant at Egret House which was next door and may still be there.

  9. Sadly Meg, Egret House, like most of the neighbouring buildings, is no more.


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