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Monday, 18 June 2012


If anyone living in this area wondered why the road through Daisy Nook was closed last week, here's the reason why!

After months of work re-building the retaining walls alongside Stannybrook Road where it winds down the side of the valley, the road itself has been re-surfaced. The road is wide enough for little more than two cars and, as you can see, the tarmac laying machine takes up more than half of the road, so the road had to be closed while the work was being carried out.

This was the scene at the Failsworth end of Stannybrook Road, where it passes the Sul Lago restaurant (formerly the Crime View pub). The location can still boast a traditional K6 telephone box.

I came upon the work while I was enjoying a walk along the canal in Daisy Nook. If you click the StreetView link below and swivel to the right, you get a glimpse of Crime Lake through the trees.

The strip of fresh tarmac stretched right down the hill behind me toward the River Medlock. The machine still had to return and lay the tarmac on the other side of the road. I showed you a photo of road re-surfacing back in March but the road here is even narrower.

The drive down Stannybrook Road had become a bit rough so I am sure the finished road will be a great improvement!

See Google Street View of this location.

"Re-surfacing" is my contribution to this week's "My World" feature. Please check out the other blogs participating in this week's My World.


  1. We've been seeing a lot of this kind of activity in Seattle where so many of the streets are a real mess!! Great shot for the day!


  2. Resurfacing - what a pain. Always great afterwards but not if you have to cope with the diversions!

  3. I never like it when this sort of thing is going on. But as Fun60 says it is always great afterwards!

  4. Always wanted to see a K6 boosted !! Does it happen at any particular time of
    the day ?

    Regards Pete (LoLaL)

    1. No, it only happens when my typing fingers misbehave, Pete! [Typo now corrected.]

  5. (:-) There is also one just down the road from my (Nanneys) bridge, outside Worleston village shop. It is not operable though and I was wondering if your example was working ?

    1. I didn't try it to see if it worked, Pete. I don't have any friends to phone! :) There are two of these phone boxes in the Ashton area that I believe are working, though.


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