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Thursday, 11 December 2008

The Arcades

The Arcades shopping mall in Ashton looks a lot jollier on the run-up to Christmas, with these illuminated festive frosty branches.

HMV on the left occupies the shop that was previously Dixons, while Game on the right occupies HMV's previous unit.

The Arcades is situated between the Open Market, the Ladysmith Centre and the Bus Station.

In the distance the red lettering of the Woolworth store is just visible (click photo to see larger version). The store is bustling this week with people looking for bargains with the big reductions on offer. From today the store is to begin a closing down sale. There were already a few empty shelves in there on Wednesday. It all seems very sad, as Woolworth's have moved from Stamford Street to Warrington Street and then to the Arcades, always keeping in the prime position among Ashton's shops. If no buyer is found for the chain, no doubt this key location will be quickly snapped up by another chain. Let's hope that the Woolworth's staff are the first to be offered jobs.


  1. Those are beautiful decorations.
    Was in HMV a year ago

  2. so simple .yet so beautiful .a far cry from the old decs that opened up like a cocertina ,


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