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Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Ashton Open Market

A view of Ashton's Open Market ground on the run-up to Christmas. The walls of the newly re-opened Market Hall bear Christmas decorations and the banner on the clock tower proclaims that the Market Hall is now open.

See Live Search Birds Eye View of this location before the Market Hall re-opened.


  1. I love open markets! This must look wonderful at night.

    Don't forget to register for the January theme day! And the February 2009 theme poll is up! Please vote if you haven't already :)

  2. Ah, Hilda. Obviously you’re not familiar with English culture. At night here, everything has been taken away long ago. The only people here after dark are ‘The Hoodies’. They will take your money just as the market traders will, but in return you wont get goods, you’ll be punched, kicked or worse.
    I know to my cost.


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