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Monday, 15 December 2008

That's The Wonder

Who doesn't remember the advertising slogan "That's the Wonder of Woollies"? The wonder at the time this photo was taken a couple of days ago was that there was anything left on the shelves!

This is the Woolworth store in the Arcades shopping mall in Ashton.

On the news it had been reported that Woolworth stores up and down the country were crowded with shoppers hoping to grab closing-down bargains, but Woolworth's in Ashton has always seemed crowded, although how many of those people were browsing and how many were actually buying, I couldn't say. Woolworth's have not been receiving deliveries of new stock for a while now so, as customers buy up the bargains, the shelves get emptier.

Mind you, the big signs that were in the windows and all around the store were a bit misleading - you had to look carefully to spot the words "up to" in the corner!


  1. So sad about Woollies - my very first Saturday job while at school was working for Woollies in Hyde. Woolworths are extremely big here in Australia - their claim to fame is that "they are the fresh food people" here they are very large supermarkets. Linda

  2. Last time I was here, 12 months ago I was reminded by security that photography was not allowed!

    Another good historical photo.
    A number one for 2008


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