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Thursday, 22 January 2009

Ashton Sausages!

Fancy Bangers and Mash? Forget Ashton Mashers - try Ashton Bangers! Cordwell's stall in Ashton Market Hall is now selling its exclusive new "Ashton" sausages to celebrate the Market Hall's re-birth, and I watched them being made.

Cordwell's is run by master butcher Egan Johnson (pictured above), who developed these premium pork sausages using the following ingredients that spell out the word "Ashton":
A - Allspice
S - Sage
H - Honey
T - Taragon
O - Oregano
N - Nutmeg
These go together to make a really tasty banger! And I can tell you that cooking them fills the house with a delicious smell!

A list of Cordwell's other sausages can be found here.

The photos below show Egan making the Ashton sausages behind the counter as I watched.


  1. I'll take a few pound of those thank you very much!

  2. What an interesting set of photos. Though as I'm a vegetarian I think I'll pass on the sausages, thank you!

  3. How's about a blog on Oldhams Tommyfield Market ??? I'm up there now making sausage for David Ashworth. Egan (Mr Sausage)


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