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Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Get Around for a Pound

Hyde-based independent bus operator Speedwell started a new bus route yesterday. The number S50 runs every 20 minutes from Hey Farm, through Mossley, Ashton and Droylsden to Manchester Shude Hill.

The thing that makes this service a little different from the competition is that all fares, for whatever distance, are £1 (or 50p for children). That means Ashton to Manchester for £1. Mossley to Ashton for £1, even Mossley to Manchester for £1.

These are considerable reductions on the usual fares. It remains to be seen whether Speedwell can tempt passengers away from the other bus companies and, perhaps more importantly, tempt people out of their cars!

The S50 is the green and white bus in the photo, which is moving away after dropping passengers off outside Ashton Market.

Speedwell has launched a web site about the new service:
in which they explain their "vision".

Prospective customers should note that the bus does not divert into Tameside Hospital and the Manchester terminus is at Shude Hill rather than Piccadilly.


  1. Ah, but Shudehill is warm and toasty compared to cold and draughty Piccadilly.
    Speedwell for me!

  2. I went up there yesterday - got a "First" 350 though up to Hey Farm - standing room only up to the hospital and then thinned out. Passed a few S50s going in opposite direction and they were all practically empty whilst the 350s had at least a handful of passengers. Mind you this was mid-afternoon; I imagine they'll have more in the rush-hour. I got another 350 down to Hazelhurst (discovered the boundary stone by the disused garage opposite the Junction) but the next bus was another 350 so got that back to Ashton.

  3. I got thisd bus to Manchester from Top Mosslery today. I was the only person on the bus and it took approx 40 minutes to get to Manchester..and it was only a pound. This now means I can spend £2 a day on my work commute compared to apporx £5 for an any bus day saver. I'm a very happy lady today :)

  4. It might be a little less predictable getting home again, Hailie, as the roadworks at Ancoats (Swan Street) were playing havoc with the timetable yesterday afternoon. There were some uneven gaps between buses, so you might get one quickly or you might have to wait around!

    Anyone know how long those roadworks are going to be there?

  5. I know the metrolinks finish in a week. I got a £8 weekly saver though ;)

  6. Well I waited on Tuesday evening @ Shudehill from 5.15 to 5.45...when the bus came those automated doors they have at each stop which don't open until the bus comes in wouldn't open - and the bus drove straight off! Ended up getting the train home, wasn't very happy but am going to see if i have better luck tonight :)


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