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Thursday, 27 August 2009

Sky Watch: Crime Lake

You wouldn't think that this scene is just a few miles from the centres of Ashton and Oldham - it is such an oasis of rural tranquility, with plenty of sky to add perfection to the photo!

Crime Lake is an unusual feature in Britain of being a lake that is part of a canal. The canal came into the lake bottom right and then curved round to the right, behind the tall trees. The towing path follows the edge of the water. The lake extends to the left and was formed when a small valley became flooded when a culvert under the canal embankment collapsed. Rather than re-build the culvert, the canal company bought the land in the valley and allowed it to flood.

In Victorian and Edwardian days Crime Lake was a popular destination for Sunday outings, with rowing boats and a steam launch offering visitors to chance to get afloat. Nowadays the lake is part of Daisy Nook Country Park and is popular with walkers and anglers.

The canal is now disused but the Hollinwood Canal Society have been carrying out work to preserve what is left and have ambitious plans to re-open the canal eventually.

See Google Aerial View of this location.
See Birds Eye View of this location.

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  1. A steam launch seems a very Victorian way of having fun on a stretch of water! Lovely summer skies in this shot.

  2. Oh so pretty - but what an unfortunate name. I was expecting a story of wickedness . . .

  3. Great puffy clouds!

    I, too, thought with a name like Crime Lake that it would be someplace where evidence from crimes were dumped.

  4. hi great picture as fishing returned to normal again at crime lake after being poluted early this year

  5. Strange name for such a beautiful image. Off hand I can't reacll a canal running into a lake in the midlands, so this really is very interesting to me.

  6. The name "Crime" comes from an old name for the area, "Chryme" and has nothing to do with any dark deeds, so sorry to disappoint anyone!

    Not sure about the fishing, Greeny. Come to think of it, I didn't see any anglers there last time I visited (10 days ago) but there were plenty at Sammy's Basin, which is fed from the canal.

  7. hi thanks for that martin so sammys basin fishing again , i thought the lakes name had come crimean war ?

  8. They have built a new jetty for the fishing too. People do fish on this lake but on the othr side new what was the medlock Tavern. Now an Italian Restaurant. Lovely place around here. Nice Picture too.


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