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Wednesday, 26 August 2009

The Witchwood

One of the few older buildings left standing at the western end of Old Street is The Witchwood. The age and original name of this pub are uncertain, but in 1850 it was given the name the "Painters Arms". 36 years later it became the "Rifle Brigade" but after 7 years the name was changed back to the "Painters Arms".

Four years later, in 1897, the name changed again, this time to The Globe Hotel, a name which stuck for 87 years. In 1985 it was renamed the "Gamecock" but just three years later it took on its current name, the "Witchwood".

In the past the pub has belonged to Oldham Breweries and Boddingtons but it now sells various real ales.

The "Witchwood" is now a popular music venue catering for a range of musical tastes. It also provides a chance for new local bands to show off their talents.

In the background can be seen Good Hope Mill.

See Birds Eye View of this location.


  1. Ah! My favourite boozer. I'll probably be in there this weekend.

  2. hi the globe is the name when i use to go in i use to work at the mill shown at the rear of the witchwood , which was the good hope mill ,it was a leather works in the 60s , the pub withchwood was good for live music in the globe days i am glad its still standing a tribute to live music

  3. I actually went inside the Leather Works in the 1960's

  4. Just love the names these places have. Crime lake, Witchwood are much better than TGI Fridays.

  5. Can anybody remember the ROCK AND ROLL at the Globe on a Friday Saturday and Sunday?
    We had some real good times there,
    If you have any pics please post them, REAL GOOD TIMES, you know when you are getting oldwen you lok for pics from your passed.

  6. The rock and roll was great rocking bob was the dj, I was landlady there with my husband bob Farrington . Loved how everyone dressed up in there rock n roll gear love to see any pics if anyone has any .

  7. My dad allen haigh and his good friend pete taylor played there back in the day. My dad was a drummer but dont know name of band or bands he was in. If anyone knows please let me know. Many thanks

  8. We used to play at the Globe as resident group in the early 60s Paul Stevens & the Javelins had some great nights there

  9. Was dj there for a year 84/85. Pub was run by George and Sheila.. good times.


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