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Wednesday, 21 October 2009


The Jogger is another of the seven sculptures sited along Lord Sheldon Way depicting local leisure pastimes.

I think the figure may have looked better jogging towards the green verge in the background rather than towards the busy road!

The yellow block in the distance is part of the IKEA store in Ashton.


  1. Surely it's a chav legging it from the police?

  2. Funny

    Yeah shopuld be rotated counter clockwise 90 degrees

  3. I think he is correctly orientated.
    The view of the passing road user from both directions is optimised.
    If he faced up or down the road only the his rear quarter would be visible to fifty percent of those passing by.


  4. i agree with ur observation. it looks like he is attempting to cross the street. :) great shot.

  5. Perhaps my eyesight is going, but I had assumed that the character is female. Any thoughts?


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