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Sunday, 27 December 2009

Christmas in The Arcades

Today's photo shows the Christmas lighting in The Arcades, Ashton's indoor shopping mall.

The great Christmas Shopping Rush has only just finished and already the Great January Sales rush has started, even though it is not January yet!

If you compare with last year's photo, you will notice that the space previously occupied by Woolworths is now empty.

Last year The Arcades had a special Christmas display featuring a yeti and other creatures. Unfortunately they haven't bothered with anything like that this year.


  1. I see Calvers had a problem with pictures at Ladysmith,are, or were there any at The Arcades?
    I think this security is nonsence,I think it puts ideas into peoples heads where none existed.

  2. I'll come and visit you in Strangeways Martin!
    Surely it's only a matter for time before you get that knock on the door from P.C. Plod.


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