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Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Western Approach

This is the new western approach to Ashton along Lord Sheldon Way. This new route leaves the A635 from Manchester at The Snipe Inn and crosses Ashton Moss, connecting with Wellington Road close to the town centre.

There is plenty of green in the middle of the road but it is blue and yellow that rather catch the eye, with Manchester's IKEA store being located here.

To the right of IKEA can be seen the Tameside Council offices, the modern New Charter offices and the spire of Albion Church.

The wide grass reservation along the centre of Lord Sheldon Way will, in a few years' time, become the route of the Metrolink tram into Ashton.

See Birds Eye View of this location.


  1. They should rename Metrolink to Ikea Link now that the store has moved from Ashton to Manchester.

    This way they can get corporate sponsorship to cover the cost. (much cheaper than their name on a United shirt. E-on or Aon replacing the evil AIG!

  2. How can this be Manchester's Ikea when it is in Ashton? Ashton is not ans never has been part of Manchester! If Ikea refer to this as their Manchester branch they should be told otherwise!

  3. This is the only IKEA in Greater Manchester, Assheton. Apparently they looked at a number of sites around Manchester and decided on Ashton, much to the council's delight, although some of the local residents weren't so keen.

    On IKEA's website the branch is referred to as IKEA Manchester.

  4. I've just noticed on the Opening Hours page of IKEA's website for the Ashton store it says "We accept children between the ages of 3-11". Not sure if they mean in part payment for their goods or whether it means teenagers aren't allowed in the store!

  5. Think you'll find, Martin, that's under the opening hours for Ikea Smarland, the supervised play area, run specifically for children aged 3-11 yrs.


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