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Thursday, 31 December 2009

Sky Watch: Seasonal Weather

To start of the New Year with a truly seasonal photo, here is a view looking down across Greenfield from Quick Edge, Mossley, about 5 miles from the centre of Ashton.

The whispy whiteness of the streaky sky is almost a continuation of the whiteness of the ground! What you can't see is that was a bitterly cold wind blowing!

See Birds Eye View of this location.

A  Happy New Year  to all readers of this photo blog - today's post marks the end of the blog's second year!

Sky Watch is a regular weekly feature on this photo blog. It will link with websites all over the world with the general theme each week of looking upwards. Please take the opportunity to visit some of these other sites. I hope some new visitors have found their way here today, watching the skies!


  1. Wow - that could be Alberta and the view from the end of my road!

    Thanks for sharing and have a happy new year

  2. Happy new year Martin from just down t' road

  3. Wow, what a gorgeous scene and beautiful sky. Great capture.

    Happy New Years.

  4. What an amazing picture! Happy New Year to you :)

  5. Wow, what a lovely area. Great picture. Happy New Year to you and yours!

  6. Good capture of the Winter sky and landscape.

    Have a Great New Year.

  7. The clouds do look like snow drifting. Lovely scene.

  8. It certainly looks chilly! I had no idea it was so hilly there. Wonderful
    photo for New Year's day.

  9. Happy New year! Living in Yorkshire I know what you mean about a cold wind blowing. I have just come in from a walk along the Leeds - Liverpool canal, its frozen and so am I.
    Thanks for dropping by on my Leeds in Yorkshire daily photo

  10. As that you are into photography, I thought that you may be interested in a monthly blog posting called “5 on the fifth” where You can either take 5 random pictures of anything that happens to you on the 5th of the month(or the days leading up to it) or perhaps go for my suggested theme - which this month is Water.

    Just post your pictures on your own blog and then post a comment on MY blog (on the 5th) with your name, location and link to your site – I then update the entry so the world has your link. Remember to mention my blog on your own blog so that your visitors get to see the other contributions.


    Here’s a link to my blog: http://thestateofthenationuk.blogspot.com/
    and a link to the “5 on the fifth” entries: http://thestateofthenationuk.blogspot.com/search/label/5%20on%20the%20fifth

  11. I was born and still live on quickedge road. It has arguably the best view anywhere in greater manachester. Thank you for sharing this with the world. Ps take a walk and see for you're self. Manchester (liverpool on a clear day) the stunning saddleworth hills oldham, Lancashire, cheshire and yorkshire all in one view...


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