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Friday, 24 October 2008

Alphabet Friday - Rock

R is for "Rock" and this splendid example can be found in Stamford Park, on the border between Ashton and Stalybridge.

This lump of rock is an erratic boulder that was carried by a glacier and deposited in the locality when the the ice melted. It was moved to its present location after the park was opened. It was popularly supposed that this rock was a meteorite but that is not the case.

At first I was waiting for the young gentleman to get out of shot, as I thought his bright shirt would draw too much attention from the rock, but when he turned to look at it, there was suddenly a connection and I am rather pleased with the result!

See Google Aerial View of this location.


  1. I agree - he really adds something to the photo, and emphasises the unusual-ness of the rock, because he can't stop looking at it!

    Great capture!

  2. thanks for clearing that up from my Oct 10 post.

  3. Have you a piccy of the Lodge? - Get it quick as they are to demolsh it.

  4. Brilliant shot.
    Which of us readers remember touching the 'meteorite' from space?

    I certainly do!


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