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Wednesday, 29 October 2008

St Peter's Church

St Peter's Church stands in the angle between Manchester Road and Stockport Road and its tower is seen prominently straight ahead when looking westwards down Stamford Street.

St Peter's was opened in 1824, built for the Church Commissioners (along with many others elsewhere) in response to the spread of non-conformist churches. It has a gothic-style tower 128 feet high and inside it has gallery seating around three. sides

See Google Aerial View of this location.


  1. I was in here for dad's funeral 11 years ago last week. A day after my wife filed for divorce!

  2. A great photo Martin! The tower is the finest feature of this church.

  3. Have you seen St peter's Church
    In Ashton under Lyne?
    'Tis a gothic edifice
    of excellent design.

    The tower styled by architects
    The perpendicular
    Is without exception the
    Most elegant by far

    Of any that we have seen.
    Graceful pinnacles crown
    The top, and slender windows
    Are placed the whole way down.

    When measuring the tower
    It proved a lofty one-
    A hundred and twenty eight
    feet to the topmost stone

    The parapet round the top
    Is elegant and light
    being perforated all through,
    Showing well from the height.

    The above verses are taken from a poem on St Peter's Church by The Revd Dr W. Kirk who was the vicar. The poem was written in 1883. The poetry isn't always great, but it is of interest!!!


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