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Saturday, 11 October 2008

Waterloo Street

Waterloo Street is off Kings Road, Hurst, rather than in the area called Waterloo. No doubt gets its name from the same battle but the houses were built rather later than 1815 when the battle took place. Perhaps someone out there knows why this street was given its name?

In fact the houses in this photo were built in a variety of periods, with the modern houses at the bottom of the hill being built on the site of Alger Mill.

The tall buildings in the distance are part of Tameside Hospital, with a backdrop of Hobson Moor, above Stalybridge.

See Google Aerial View of this location.


  1. I suppose by now you know your site is down which is why there are no pictures.

  2. spinnersi remember this street ,i used to run down there often to get to the cedar mill on the evening shifs from glebe st , .along wimpole st then hillgate st then kings rd and onto waterloo st , ,i was breathless when i got to work ,always on the last minute ,facing me going down was patrioux ciggy factory ,the cedar to the left ,,i was quite fit back then ,a lot slimmer too.

  3. The site is working here, Ashtonian. Mind you, I was away yesterday so it might have been down for a while when I wasn't looking!


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