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Saturday, 4 October 2008

"O" Dear! Who's taken the "P"?

I suppose it proves that some of you out there are paying attention, even if I'm not! A few people have asked me why there have been two "O"s for Alphabet Friday when they were looking forward to finding out what was going to be the "P" photograph!

Sorry - I got a bit mixed up - I was going to use the photo of the old tram depot as the "T" picture in a few weeks and I forgot that I had done "O" last week!

So I shall have to make up for it by having a week of "P" photos!

So, today's photo is of pies. R G Fish's stall in the Phoenix Market Hall, which has featured here previously, has a counter-full of mouthwatering pies of various sorts - pork, pork and apple, meat and potato, cheese and other varieties. It may not satisfy a real pie eater from Wigan but it certainly kept me going for a while!


  1. Oh yummy...nice photo for P!

  2. now you have me all confused martin ,the pies look delicious .i love the pork pies ,all that lovely savoury jelly on top .only in england can you get the good old fashioned pork pie ,

  3. There is nothing better than a good Pork Pie mmmm

  4. Of course you know that a Wigan kebab is three pies on a skewer!


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