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Friday, 21 November 2008

Alphabet Friday - Valley Aqueduct

"V" is for "Valley Aqueduct" and this attractive location is situated on the present northern boundary of Ashton, although at one time Ashton extended a lot further northwards.

The aqueduct carries the disused Fairbottom Branch of the Ashton Canal across Knott Lanes, which leads down from Bardsley. This section of canal was filled in after the aqueduct began to leak. It is hoped that the canal here can be restored, however.

The road is now a dead end for vehicles but it was the main carriage road north from Ashton to Oldham and Rochdale, before the 1765 turnpike road was built, which ran directly from Waterloo to Bardsley and has become the modern A627 Oldham Road. The original road ran along Downing Street to Taunton on its route into Ashton.

The area shown in the photo is now part of Daisy Nook Country Park and there are some pleasant woodland and canalside walks to be had around here.

See Google Aerial View of this location, although the road and canal are both hidden by trees!


  1. Hi Martin, I was around Bardsley a few days ago - took some photos of Riversvale Drive - see http://ackworthborn.blogspot.com/2007/11/abc-wednesday-r-is-for-riversvale-drive.html

    I saw the end of the Fairbottom Branch while I was there - the towpath under the canal bridge was exceedingly muddy!

  2. Nice looking shot.

  3. Can you spot the two people walking a dog along the canal towpath?

  4. This photo brings back memories. I used to walk round Knott Lanes as a child/teenager. My aunty lived in Bardsley and it felt like going for a week in the country when I stayed with her. My grandad helped build some of the walls along Knott Lane. I did used to be able to find a stone where his initials were carved!


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