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Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Heading East

The 1607 departure from Ashton to Stalybridge moves out of what was once known as Charlestown Station for the 6 minute journey to Stalybridge, where it will terminate. Alternate trains from Manchester Victoria to Ashton and Stalybridge continue to Huddersfield, stopping at all stations en route.

The train has just passed under Henrietta Street. On the left, through the trees, Tameside Council's offices can be seen. In the distance beyond the bridge lies the blue bulk of IKEA.

This line is now used only by local trains. The Trans-Pennine Express trains bypass Ashton on the track that passes through the site of the former Park Parade Station on their way to Manchester Piccadilly.

See Google Aerial View of this location.


  1. and Dukinfield Central Station!

  2. Picture


  3. The train is just passing (below the right-hand side embankment)where I was born on Albemarle Street (now a parking lot and which faces Ashton-under-Lyne Station platform across the tracks on the left), and the front end of the train (this side of the bridge which is crossing over Henrietta St.) is where my Grandma lived and is still Albemarle Terrace. Her house is still there in fine shape!

  4. I remember going in the end house on Albemarle Terrace
    see here:

    the bird eye view of Ashton have me completely aghast! (gob smacked in the vernacular.

    These pictures are almost current.
    There are parts of the West end of Ashton that are completely rebuilt.

    The end of my street, Burlington Street. is so different. Gone is the Big Pub, Replaced by new homes!

    You all should try the Bird Eye view!

  5. Yes, they must have only recently extended the Birds Eye View to this area - it wasn't available last time I looked, and doesn't yet extend as far as Hurst.


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