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Sunday, 2 November 2008

Wind Turbine

Ashton under Lyne Sixth Form College on Darnton Road has installed a 20kw wind turbine on its playing field as a way of cutting power bills and helping the environment.

This vertical axis wind turbine was designed to produce renewable energy cost-effectively, cleanly and quietly. This is the first college in the North West to have its own on-site wind turbine.

It is very new and was only switched on in October. A slight blur in the photograph will show you that the turbine was rotating fairly quickly when this shot was taken from nearby Montague Road. The high open country of Hobson Moor above Stalybridge can be seen in the background.

Older readers will remember the Sixth Form College as being Ashton Grammar School.

See Google Aerial View of this location.


  1. Well well - who would have thought that my old school would become something of a teckie trailblazer. These are not inexpensive bits of kit so I wonder who paid for it.

  2. Son of Nomad,

    They financed it from their own funds. £65,000 was the cost.

    As the average turbine produces less than a third of their designed output it should produce enough power to run two three bar electric fires.

  3. Makes me proud to be an Ashton Grammar graduate!

  4. OOps!my kids switched things up on me!I'm Lynn Hajdukiewicz Dotson,only Mom to about 18!

  5. Financing the project from their own funds is indeed commendable. Renewable energy is certainly the way many others will have to go some day. I can't help thinking that when natural fuels do run out, numerous games pitches will be in danger of being commandeered.

  6. S-O-N - The only high tech thing about the playing fields when I was there was the H for helicopter landings!!!!

  7. Sorry - must have hit the wrong button :-( I remember the occasion when a helicopter landed on the field so that someone could be taken to the hospital - great excitement!

  8. Very impressive wind energy producer.
    Who is the manufacturer?

  9. Some older people will remember the place as Fern Bank we went to Dig for Victory during the war
    Mrs Fearns Miss Glover & Miss Kershaw were the teachers. Shover

  10. It was developed by Llumarlite Energy Systems, apparently.
    See http://www.tinyurl.com/llumarlite

  11. the newer models vertical wind turbine keep getting smaller,and more effcient with new design.


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