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Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Gorsey Farm Cottage

A face-on view of Gorsey Farm Cottage, which was seen on Saturday's visit to Gorsey Lane.

The date stone over the door reads AD 1766. When the farmhouse was built it was surrounded by fields but in the 1790s Hazelhurst Nill, a small cotton mill was built on the opposite side of the lane. This early mill was powered by a horse walking round and round. A four-storey extension to the mill was built in the 1850s, by which time it was powered by steam and employed 50 people. It was rebuilt after a fire, but a second fire in 1883 closed it for good and there are now houses on the site.

See Google Aerial View of this location.


  1. Looks to me as if white UPVC windows have been inserted into this lovely house. There should be a law against such vandalism and aesthetic philistinism!!!

  2. I'm with anonymous, it is a crime - or should be.
    They probably told the council that the were getting mullion windows and got Malbern Windows instead.

  3. Is there something wrong with the discussion board ?

  4. I'm having problems with the message board too. It appears to have reverted back to a couple of weeks ago.

  5. Can we not have "anonymous" posts, please? A nickname will do if you don't want to use your own name.

    The web host transferred all his clients' websites onto a new server at the weekend, but didn't back up anything that was added since the start of the month, so any messages posted since then are gone, as I hadn't backed them up either. (I didn't know the server was going to be changed.)

    The message board is not working at all at present - I suspect that the settings are not right. I will see what can be done. Maybe this is a good time to replace it with new message board software where everything works?

  6. Thought it was just me!!!
    Just shows how much this site really means.
    I thought I'd been banned.

  7. Yes I,m missing everyone , hope it gets back up and running soon , wheres GG???

  8. You'll be pleased to hear that the forum is back and running again now, including the posts made during November that had gone missing.

    I think it might be time to pension off that ricketty forum and replace it with one that works properly! I have my eye on a really nice one, but it would mean everyone having to register again. I would try to keep the old board on-line for reading only.


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