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Sunday, 28 December 2008

Sunday Stroll: Knott Hill Reservoir

Another popular short walk near Ashton is to Knott Hill Reservoir, in the valley between Hartshead and Hazelhurst.

The reservoir was built shortly after 1835 to replace the earlier and smaller Tongue Bottom (Tombottom) reservoir a short distance higher up the valley, behind the present Hartshead Inn.

Knott Hill Reservoir is no longer used and its water level was dropped to the present level when the dam embankment showed signs of instability. The photo was taken from the path that ran around the original waterline of the reservoir, which can also be seen on the opposite side and gives a good idea of how deep the reservoir was when it was in use.

Today it is managed by Tameside Countryside Service as a nature reserve and the path around the outside is a popular walking route. Hartshead Pike is seen on the hill in the background, enticing the more energetic walker!

See Google Aerial View of this location.


  1. looks a lot different from when I fished there in the fifties

  2. Now in my 70's I well remember as a child those lovely walks after church (Abney Cong.) around this reservoir just as the sun was setting; beautiful.

  3. Changed so much in the last 40 years!!
    Were the trees planted or is it natural re-vegetation.

  4. I think the trees have all grown naturally, Jaywit.

  5. I remember sitting on the edge in 1977 with my feet in the water watching rainbow trout. Scary to think how deep it was looking back knowing how low the water is now. We use to be scared of THE BARON when we took our fishing nets and got chased.ha ha.

  6. Yes dazman. Fishing is run by Rhino angling club. meetings take place at the old ball pub.

  7. Anyone got a number for the club owner thanks


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