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Wednesday, 18 February 2009

The Ash Tree

The Ash Tree is Ashton's branch of the J D Wetherspoon pub chain. It stands on Wellington Road, opposite the Market Hall.

On the part of the site to the left was at one time a pub called the Horse and Jockey, which had opened in 1827 as the Hare and Hounds. A small cinema called The Queens Electric Cinema occupied another part of the site, as did the Alexandra Billiard Hall.

More recently a small shopping development was built here but did not thrive and was converted into the popular pub.

On the left of the photo can be seen the old fire station and on the right the Kwik Fit tyre depot on the corner of Henrietta Street.

See Google Aerial View of this location.
See LiveSearch Birds Eye View of this location.


  1. I was wondering what the food was like there?
    Cordon bleu or kitchen nightmare?

  2. I just posted a 1992 photo of "Main Street" on Geograph http://www.geograph.org.uk/photo/1163375 Have just updated it to link to this post for further information.

  3. Thanks, Gerald. I couldn't remember what the shopping place was called.

    Ashtonian - the food is much like it is in all the other Wetherspoons! It is a standardised menu and I suppose most of it arrives in boxes. I don't find it as bad as that sounds! I quite like their Barbecue Chicken Melt! Their main meals are here but there are links on the left to their steaks, salads, etc.

  4. I see that the 99p pint, which got Wetherspoon's a lot of free publicity in January, has gone up by 30%. That said, it's still good value at the new price and helps ease the credit crunch blues.

  5. got to be the worst spoons in the country.their closing times are not standard with other spoons around the area 11.15 bar shuts and the staff just cant wait to get you out.the manager is a complete waste of space never see him later than 10.30 pm if at all.i was in there 3/5/2010 lunch time and the amount of food being returned was unbelievable that says it all just one plus beers ok


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