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Saturday, 21 February 2009

Stalybridge Saturday: Dreary View

The view from Platform 2 of Stalybridge Station on a wet weekend is not the most welcoming or inspiring. The platform overlooks an area of industrial muddle that has seen better days.

However, Longlands Mill, on the right of the photo, is now being refurbished into smart apartments, which should help to improve the first impressions of visitors alighting from their trains.

In the centre of the picture you can see the splendid former Market Hall and beyond that the majestic bulk of the Pennine moors.

See Google Aerial View of this location.


  1. Yes, I have been to the very top of that hill!
    Why? because it was there!

  2. I lived on High Street, Stalybridge for a few years and I am trying to find my bearings in this photo - not an easy task. Linda

  3. High Street is out of sight off to the right of this photo.
    In the future I'll post some more photos from this location showing Stalybridge in the sunshine, which looks much nicer! I'll try to include a shot that looks towards High Street.

  4. Cheers Martin - I am sad to say I lived in Stalybridge for almost 4 years and yet I really didn't get to know it. Most of my time was spent in Glossop and Hyde. I so wish I had spent more time getting to know Staly Vegas!!! It's always lovely to check your blog daily as it makes me feel a little closer to "home". Have a lovely weekend. Linda

  5. Those two tracks were freight lines but judging by the apparent rust on them, they may be disused now. Can anyone confirm that?

  6. When I have been waiting for a train at Stalybridge, the goods trains come through on the same tracks as the passenger trains. Perhaps these are just side loops where goods trains can wait if they need to let expresses pass them? I know there is a loop line like that at Marsden.

  7. The tracks used to carry freight trains to and from Stockport and the WCML (same route as the once-a-week 'Parliamentary') but perhaps this is no longer the case. A couple of years ago, I saw a steam-hauled special train waiting on the line for the service train to clear before heading along the Standedge route.

  8. I used to work in that large mill on the left around 1988, it was a very run down drafty place. The toilet was on the 5th floor which looked out over the station, whilst having a wee one day I realised I came from a railway family and applied to BR.


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