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Saturday, 14 February 2009

Stalybridge Saturday: Victoria Bridge

Today's photo was taken at Victoria Bridge, where Trinity Street crosses the River Tame, in the middle of Stalybridge (two miles from Ashton).

The splendid details of the Victorian ironwork has been picked out by the careful paintwork. The date 1867 appears in small white lettering above the word "Victoria". A larger plaque below shows the date 1991 - presumably when the bridge was refurbished. (Click the photo to see larger version.)

The building to the right of the bridge is the Post Office. You can just see part of a weir where the river disappears around the bend. In the distance you can see the snow-covered Pennine moors. Although the snow has melted down in Stalybridge, the snow on the hills lasts a lot longer!

See Google Aerial View of this location.


  1. This is a picture that I like a lot!
    I wish I knew how to do a daily photo blog.
    Daily Los Angeles Photos The Kodak Theater, The Oscars, Simon Cowell, Posh and her children who happen to go to the same gym as a fellow coworkers child!

  2. hi the bridge over trinity street if you look over the other side of the bridge into the river tame you can see the trout, great picture

  3. What flowers were in the box.We are 3 months away from this


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