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Tuesday, 3 February 2009

A Chilly Scene...

Winter returned to Ashton this week with a good helping of snow on Monday. This photo shows the Town Hall steps through a curtain of snowflakes. The traders on the open market seem to have decided against setting up for the day - and who can blame them?

Ashton itself has a fairly thin coating of snow, but as you climbed uphill through Hurst and Hazelhurst the snow was deeper - up to 6 inches where it had been blown by the wind! The snow on the sides of the sign post and camera poles shows how the wind was driving the snow.

Look out for more wintry scenes here in the next few days.


  1. Brilliant! A great weather picture

  2. great picture but shiver me timbres I'm not venturing further than I need to today.

  3. By 'eck, that looks cold! The market traders did right to stay away - I'm sure hardly anyone would have ventured out to shop.

  4. I did venture out to the market, well actually was just passing from the train station. I’ve taken to getting a portion of curry and rice from the kiosk there. All was quite as I passed. No curry this day…

  5. love this shot, but really, who needs to be outside on this day!!!


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