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Friday, 11 July 2008

Alphabet Friday - The Dingle

"D" is for "Dingle" and The Dingle is the name of the wooded valley that forms part of Stamford Park, on the boundary between Ashton and Stalybridge. The valley is the course of the Cock Brook between Darnton Road and Stamford Street. These steps lead down into the Dingle from near the tennis courts and Darnton Road entrance.


  1. is this the part that mellor road runs along the side ..i think there were hot houses down there when i used to go .a long long time ago ...

  2. Lily
    The Dingle is alongside Mellor Road. it was always a good place for hide and seek!

  3. We always called the Dingle the wood on the lefthand side of Broadoak Rd going up.between Old Ball and Broadoak.

  4. thanks meg ,a good place for a kiss and a cuddle as well when in teenage years ,

  5. We used to know this as bluebell wood i'm sure. There were loads of bluebells in the spring. Used to be a bit scared of walking past it late afternoon/evening though!


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