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Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Vintage Cars (2)

Another photo today of the vintage car rally that took place in June. Along Bow Street, facing the market ground, is this line-up of Ford vehicles, all of which were such familiar sights in their time! Nearest the camera is a Ford Popular from the 1950s. Behind that is a selection of later Populars, Anglias or Prefects.


  1. i remember back in the early fifties one of the women i worked with ,her husband had a ford anglia. a blue one ,brand new ,they lived on queens rd so i used to get a lift to hurst cross at times ,they were the only ones who owned a car at the mill back then ,,the manager didnt have one ,he lived in cockbrook and used to walk it to work, he cut through one of the street and over a spare ground , to whitelands rd ,

  2. motoring was a bit more fun then!!!!

  3. there wasnt much traffic on the roads then ,the coalman still came on his horse and cart ,leonard hartley still used a horse and cart too .our milk man joe used to come on a bike ..some of the policemen still rode bikes ,,back in the late 30s my two friends and i used to walk from lees rd to school on queens rd .two of us were 5yrs old the other were 6yrs old . .and we went without a parent ,we never saw any cars as i can remember ,not like today with cars outside everyones home ,and not just one .havent we become a lazy lot ..

  4. Spinners - I must say that I am intrigued by the idea of the milkman arriving on a bike!

  5. yes its true martin ,our milkman joe used to come on a bike ,he lived on mullberry street .next door to a dairy ,he used to carry two big silver jugs or should i say churns ,on his handle bars..and bottled milk on the front in a crate ,he wasnt wed and lived with his mother ,when she died he killed himself ,he missed her terribly ..


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