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Sunday, 20 July 2008

The House That Isn't (2)

Yesterday's photo was of what seemed to be a house in Greenfield. Today's photo is a close-up of that building and straight away you can see what was odd about it - the windows are just pretend! The doors look rather utilitarian and the garden isn't up to much, either! The yellow warning signs on the doors are the clue here, warning of high voltages, for this is no house, but the Greenfield Electricity Substation. It was built as part of the small housing estate off Chew Valley Road in 2003 at a cost of around £300,000.

I hope the current neighbours aren't too shocked. At least it has its ohm entrance! As you can see from the tree, the photo was taken earlier in the year. I'm sorry I couldn't bring you live images... Oh, what revolting puns!


  1. Well donr Calvers for spotting the false windows and to bright spark Greeny for guessing a sub station!
    I could only come up with a stable, but neigh, it wasn't, I had my wires crossed...oh dear these puns are catching!

  2. At least your readers arn'5t static!

  3. I would never had guessed, i might have put a bid in if the price was right, you would never be short of one of your five fruits aday PLENTY OF CURRENTS sorry.

  4. That is so wierd, but really interesting. Really good spot, and probably the most unique photo of the day.

  5. I think you and the other commenter's should be charged with writing such bad puns. The blogging world would be a bit shocked and revolted, but it would be a good plug for the cause and we would get a battery of publicity .


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