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Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Hartshead Pike again

Another dramatic image of Hartshead Pike on Monday evening. A cyclist has propped up his bike against the protective cage of a floodlight while he sits and enjoys the view.


  1. i remember going to the UK 15 yrs after being here ,when the plane left london he stayed below the clouds and suddenly started to turn and as i looked through the window i saw hartshead pike ,there wasnt many on the plane by then most got off in london im glad to because i shouted at the top of my voice ,OH LOOK HARTSHEAD PIKE ,everyone ooked at me ,i felt right daft ,

  2. I had a view of "The Pike" from my bedroom window when I lived on the Downshaw estate in the 60s. It's quite an icon for Ashton and makes you raiee your eyes to the hills.
    My grandad used to tell me you could see the Liver building in Liverpool from the Pike on a clear day- can't say I ever have! LOL


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