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Saturday, 5 July 2008

Not The Station

Yes, it might be called "The Station" but anyone looking to catch a train has come to the wrong place, for The Station pub is at the opposite end of the town centre from Ashton's railway station.

The reason, of course, is historical. When the pub opened in 1849, Warrington Street continued a little further to Park Parade station, which was situated on the far side of what is now the Ashton Bypass. The railway line is still there but the station has been gone since 1956. Not that it would have helped if it was still there, as the line is now used by the frequent TransPennine Express trains, which don't even stop at Guide Bridge station.

Guide Bridge was Ashton's first railway station, originally having the catchy name of Ashton and Hooley Hill. When the lines from Guide Bridge to Stalybridge and Victoria to Stalybridge were built, the stations at Park Parade and Charlestown were opened. Ashton also had a further station at Oldham Road on the line to Park Bridge and Oldham. Charlestown station is the present Ashton under Lyne station.


  1. Didn't realise that the Transpennine now goes on that line.When working in Leeds years ago caught the train at Chalestown.

  2. Tameside archive has a picture of the station.

  3. The word in the trade(railway)is that the powers that be, are looking to build a new Park station. This is to facilitate a large Park and Ride car park at the station. I presume this will only be done if the congestion charge is allowed to go ahead.

  4. You may be right anonymous.
    Once the tram line is open the line from Charlestown to Victoria may very well become redundant.

    Ashton Park Parade would be a clever option.

  5. I think my dad Jack Morland was the landlord of the Station in the 50s . Do you have anymore information on the Pub itself ?

    1. Opened in 1849 by Mary Smith. It was owned by George Taylor of Hulme from at least 1861-1896 and then the licensees owned the pub untill 1934. It was fully licensed and was renamed the railway Hotel 1879-1892 when it became the Station again. Ind Coope's brewery bought the pub in 1934 and their last tenant was William J W Smith. The Station was then closed for some time, with the licence in suspense until it was bought by john W Hesketh of Aldersfield Ltd in 1978.
      Tenants were:
      James Osbourne 1935-1951
      William Moss 1951-1953
      Sidney Myers 1953-1954
      William JW Smith 1954-


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